As much as I could make myself invincible to the world, I could be destroyed simply by romance.

NYC Vegan Edge P.M.A

"The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her."
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This a thousand times…..

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I heard Brazil has awesome vegan dudes…

Maybe one day.

Anonymous: Would you date a non vegan guy?

I have before.
Honestly it’s hard finding awesome vegan dudes, maybe one day.

biggiepoppa-c: tbh im like in love with all of you <3 i figure i'd just come out and say it. :( sadly, you live like 10000 of miles away. -sigh- oh well.


I get like Kim Kardashian when woken up by stupid things like someone turning on the light and leaving it on for me to get up to turn off.
My fucking blood boils and I want to threaten to kill them instantly.

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supplierofblue: A friend of mine, Hillary is a part owner of Seasoned Vegan Restaurant in Harlem, NY ; super-late connection but I think you'd enjoy the spot —xo

I went there!! It’s dope.
I plan on shooting something there soon! I’m pretty sure I met Hillary.


My mom bought me a shirt and I was feeling myself in it. 💁



Progress photos galore soon.

I’m on a mission and this is the start of my new body journey.

I stay slippin’. 😩


Creepin’ in the dark.

Trying to smile more.

Missing that tan though…