As much as I could make myself invincible to the world, I could be destroyed simply by romance.

NYC Vegan Edge P.M.A

This song gets me every time. 😩

This song gets me every time. 😩

biggiepoppa-c: I wish someday I can meet you in person. 😁😁😁😍😍😍

Haha you’re sweet.

biggiepoppa-c: What kind of music are you into?

Cliche but honestly I’m into a but of everything.
From hip hop to country dead ass.

Mainly listening to old hip hop, Motown, hardcore and Hank Williams.

Anonymous: When are we going to a knick game?

….. How do you ask this on anon?

reeltawkjp: Do you have an IG or snapchat?

SabrinaSith on everything.

We follow each other but never talk….

Let’s change that.

What’s up?
What are you doing?

True self.

True self.

bluuse haha well I was younger and it was 2009.

bluuse haha well I was younger and it was 2009.

That one time I was interviewed by Xbox Β»

I was very proud of this moment in 2009 and still to this day.

Gamer till the death of me.

So I have music playing in the background….

And I think to myself “I should put music on”

Does anyone else ever space out that hard they don’t even realize music is playing?